Are you looking for new clients?

Find out now how to reach new clients with 7Eyes’ Lead Generation services. In 2017 having a system which GENERATES new clients for you is not an option anymore: to allow your company to grow and be stable over time, the “classical” advertising systems don’t make any difference. Every advertising campaign has to be measurable and it has to allow you to know directly how much you’ re earning. The solution to your problem is called “Lead Generation”.


What’ s Lead Generation?

A lead is a qualified potential client that you receive through an online advertising campaign (which describes your service-> io non lo scriverei perché è ovvio e complica la frase per niente). In other words, a “lead” is a person who is really interested in your service or in your products. How could it be to receive dozens and dozens of these potential clients requests every month? There we go, this is Lead Generation.


How does the 7Eyes Lead Generation service work?

We only manage personalized projects, because every company is different and it has different needs and features. The thing that makes us unique is that we GUARANTEE RESULTS as in contract.!


What you will never find with us:

  • Someone asking you how much do you want to spend.
  • Someone telling you that everything is gonna be alright without putting it down black on white.
  • Someone saying “let’s see how it goes..”


This is what you can find:

  • Colloquio preliminare ed esame della situazione del cliente
  • Studio e analisi del mercato
  • Stesura del piano marketing “cucito” sul nostro cliente.

The only problem is that the “LEAD GENERATION GUARANTEED” is not for everyone:

  • You must be willing to invest € 10,000
  • You have to let us decide how to set up your campaigns (each one your job).
  • You have to handle the leads as we say.

If you have these 3 requirements then we can work with you.

Guaranteing a TRUE result.


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